Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to change any part of our policy at any time.


Grooming is an essential requirement for your dog and is a significant part of ownership —Pet’s need physical maintenance. Regular grooming is vital to their health and comfort.


If you would like us to groom your puppy, they must have had all their vaccinations. If it hasn’t yet been vaccinated, it will not be groomed.

Sick Animals

Your dog will be not be groomed if they show apparent signs of sickness during their appointments. 

Dog in heat

We do not accept female doggies (bitches) in heat. If you bring your dog to our salon which is in heat, you do it on your own risk and we do not accept any liability arising from issues related to the dog in heat.

Health and Welfare

When your dog is with us, its health and welfare is our main concern at all stages of the grooming process. Should we believe your dog is experiencing any fear or stress at any time, we will where possible employ alternative strategies to help the dog. It may require extra time or more sessions to overcome any such issues.

During grooming, it is possible pre-existing conditions are noticed, which you will be informed of, so that, you can seek veterinary advice. In extremely rare cases, accidents can happen whilst grooming or medical issues can arise. In the unlikely event of this happening, you authorise us to seek emergency veterinary treatment.

We undertake dog grooming job on an understanding that dog parents carry out regular home grooming. As a part of regular home grooming it is dog parents responsibility to check for injury, sickness, parasites and illnesses. If we notice anything unusual, we will let you know otherwise we assume parents are aware of pre existing conditions.

Salon Exclusivity/Timing

At Clippin Gorgeous, we operate strictly by appointment policy. Our appointment slots are timed and given for admitting the dog to our salon. There is no set finishing time, this ensures we are not rushing to complete your dog whilst maintaining our holistic approach. The grooming process takes as long as the dog requires it to take. Our estimated finishing times are just that – an estimate. You will receive a phone call asking you to collect your dog. You should arrive within an appropriate time from receiving the call. 


All quoted prices assume:

1. The dog's coat is well maintained free from Knots, matts and tangles.

2. The dog is well behaved, shows no aggression and groomed at our recommended periods.

3. The dog is not overweight or oversized for the breed.

Whilst we are happy to work with nervous/ timid dogs, these may incur extra charges due to the extra time and handling skills required.

All charges are payable before you leave the salon with your pet. Payment can be made by card, cash or BACS( payment before the appointment).

Cancellations and No Shows

We appreciate that sometimes you may need to rearrange your dog’s appointment, however should you give less than 24 hours notice you will be liable for 100% of the grooming cost. Compassion is applied when Necessary at the discretion of Clippin Gorgeous.

Neglected / Matted coats

We practice humanity before vanity. Should a dog be presented with a matted or neglected coat, if our opinion is that it will be kinder to shave the fur back completely, this will be done in compliance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006. It incurs extra charges due to time and excessive wear and tears on equipment. We photograph and record any such cases which fall under Sec 4 – Unnecessary suffering, Para - Prevention of Harm and our obligation under Sec 9 - Duty of person responsible for animal to ensure welfare, Para - Promotion of welfare.

In instances where the above is necessary, it can lead to skin irritation and other conditions. When necessary, removing a heavily matted coat includes risks of nicks, cuts or abrasions due to warts, moles or skin folds trapped in the mats. Heavy matting can also trap moisture and urine near the dog's skin, allowing mould, fungus or bacteria to grow, causing skin irritations that existed before the grooming process. On some breeds, once the coat is been removed, it may not grow back in the same manner. 

After-effects of mat removal procedures can include itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations or abrasions and failure of the hair to regrow. The shaved dogs are also prone to sunburn and should either have sunscreen applied daily or should be kept out of the sun until the hair grows sufficiently to protect the skin. In some cases, dogs may also exhibit brief behavioural changes. Prevention is the best defence against matting by scheduling regular grooming appointments. If your dog needs to be shaved to remove matting, by booking appointment, you acknowledge that you agree to this procedure and any associated risk.

Clippin Gorgeous and its staff, in any event, will not be liable for any effects which may arise from such instances or cases.

Aggressive and Poorly Socialised Dogs

We reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog if we believe it may cause injury to itself or any members of staff at our Salon. Owners MUST inform us if your dog bites, has bitten or is aggressive to people, other pets or specific grooming procedures. We reserve the right to refuse or stop services of your dog at any time before or during the grooming process and charge a “difficult dog” fees of £15 in addition to the regular grooming charges. If your dog should bite anyone, the owner agrees to be responsible for any, and all related medical bills.

You will be informed of any such issues.

We MUST be informed BEFORE the grooming appointment of any previous history of biting or aggression. Your attention is drawn to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 which may hold owners liable for bites and Injuries.

Before your appointment 

Please allow your dog plenty of opportunity for a toilet before attending their appointment to avoid any accidents. Should any toilet accidents incur a £10 cleaning fee will be applied.

Anal Glands

We do NOT empty anal glands. It is a veterinary procedure.

Ear Plucking

Only carried out if necessary for the dog and breed.

Grooming Feedback

After each session, we will inform you of any problems if any  we have encountered, or any concerns we have regarding your dogs welfare. Should you wish for any alterations to be noted on their style record please do let us know so we can adjust this in preparation for their next appointment.

Social Media consent 

The majority of our business is repeat custom, and we wish to maintain our standards. We often take pictures to show examples of before and after work and to use for training and information. Should you not want photos of your dog to appear on social media please inform us at the time of the groom. We also ask that should you have a problem; you should contact us as soon as possible.

Customer Details

Your details are held in confidence by us, as a reference to the safe grooming practices of your dog. The only time they are shared would be on request by another groomer with your permission to allow reliable assessment and grooming of your dog. All details are stored in line with the GDPA.

Current Vaccinations/Veterinarian Information

By using our services, owners verify their dogs are up to date with vaccinations for canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus, leptospirosis, canine infectious tracheobronchitis and infectious canine hepatitis.


Clippin Gorgeous strives to be a flea/tick-free salon. If your dog has a flea or tick infestation, we will ask that you reschedule your grooming appointment once the flea or tick problem is under control. Dogs with a flea or tick infestation carry a risk of anaemia, infections, tapeworms and other health problems. We recommend that you contact your veterinarian for advice on the best treatment for your situation. A topical monthly flea preventative may be the most effective choice. Treating all pets in the family, as well as treating your home will help in keeping fleas and ticks under control for the long term. If fleas are found on your dog, we will bathe your dog in flea shampoo and have to treat the salon; this will incur a £10 charge being added to your grooming bill. If ticks are found an additional charge of £5 will be added for their removal.

Please reply by email stating you have read and agree to our terms and conditions policy.