Founder of Clippin Gorgeous & senior dog groomer

 Shelby has always had a love for dogs, with 2 cocker spaniels of her own she loves nothing more than being outdoors enjoying the countryside with her dogs and family. in 2019 shelby started a dog walking and pet sitting service which made decide that working with dogs was the future, after gaining her Level 2 & 3 City & Guilds qualifications Shelby then went on to launch clippin gorgeous 

''The welfare of your dogs and staff are my sole priority both physically and mentally! we offer a relaxed holistic expeience, ensuring your dog is happy at all times. I have a keen intrest in working with nervous dogs, there is no better feeling as a groomer than gaining the trust and loyalty of a dog that has lost trust for any given reason. knowing that my kindness and patience has allowed them to trust the grooming process gives me great satisfaction in my career.''


senior dog groomer

after finishing her secondary education hannah went on to study her level 2 & 3 qualifications in animal mangement, as part of her work placement to support her courses she spent some time working on a farm caring for many animals such as, horses, alpacas, goats and reptiles. hannah then continued her education and aquired her level 2 & 3 dog grooming qualifications. she spent some time working at a busy groomers during her course and has gained great experience and knowledge.

hannah has 3 beautiful dogs of her own and loves spending quality time with them, she sure is an anmimal lover and an amazing dog groomer!